The Fires of love : the death of Kristoff St. John, the interpreter of Neil Winters

This in “the Fires of love” since 1991 in the role of Neil Winters, the actor Kristoff St. John was found dead this Sunday, February 3, in Los Angeles. He was 52 years old. CBS is Well known to fans of the series the Fires of love, in which he played the role of Neil Winters since 1991, the actor Kristoff St. John, aged 52, was found dead at his home in the San Fernando valley in Los Angeles this Sunday, February 3, reveals the american website TMZ. The circumstances of his death are for the moment still unknown. Born July 15, 1966 in New York, Kristoff St. John began his acting career at the age of ten years thanks to appearances in such series as Happy Days or the Cosby Show. He obtained then in 1985 one of the key roles of the CBS sitcom Charlie & Co, but the adventure only lasts for one season, and it really is 1989, when he joined the soap Generations (first daily soap opera to be included, since its beginnings, a family african-american) in the skin of Adam Marshall as he begins to make himself known and to make him talk. Once Generations is cancelled, it integrates two years later, in 1991, the cast of the Fires of love in the role of Neil Winters, brother of Malcolm (Shemar Moore) and husband of Drucilla (Victoria Rowell), who is fast emerging as one of the heroes headlights of the program. A character and a cult series that he helped win two Daytime Emmy Awards and several NAACP Image Awards during his career. Fiance to the model Kseniya Mikhaleva, Kristoff St. John was never able to recover from the suicide in 2014, at the age of 24 years, his son Julian, who was suffering from a mental disorder. The star of Fires of love, which was often a state of grief on social networks and had long fought against the psychiatric hospital that treated his son, whom he accused of negligence, was finished by him-even to try to put an end to his days in 2017. After several months placed in a psychiatric observation and a prolonged absence on the screen for rest, he had recovered last year to the plateaus of the Fires of love. In France, the Fires of love airs every day at 11 am on TF1. Given the delay in the broadcast compared to the United States, Kristoff St. John will continue to appear until 2022 on the screens French.

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